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Role of AI in Cyber Security

Indonesia faces a rising tide of cyberattacks. As we champion data protection education, businesses play a pivotal role in safeguarding customer data. Explore how AI, like ASLI RI’s True Identity Assurance, thwarts identity theft and cybercrime. Dive deeper into the solution at www.asliri.id. Join our mission to combat cybercrime – learn more in our full article.

Cyber security is no longer a foreign topic nowadays. Numerous alarming data breach cases have rattled Indonesian internet users, including the recent Bjorka passport data leak. Aside from that, we are still vulnerable to smaller-scale cyber attacks such as phishing and malware. These cases highlight the urgency to develop a more fortified cybersecurity system that can help protect customers’ data from being misused by cybercriminals. 

Thankfully, technology has enabled us to combine the automation of artificial intelligence (AI) and critical points of cyber security to help prevent cybercrime attempts, especially fraud, from happening through a digital solution from ASLI RI, called True Identity Assurance. Check this article to learn more about how AI and True Identity Assurance can help support data security.

Why is Cyber Security so Important?

The graph above from the National Cyber Security Index shows the cyber security index in Southeast Asian countries. In this graph, Indonesia ranks 6th, with an index of 38.96. This number is much smaller compared to countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, which ranks 1st and 2nd respectively. Worldwide, Indonesia ranks 83rd of 180 countries indexed. 

Even though our beloved country, Indonesia does not stand in the first position, most of the problems in every country are similar. There are a few issues that categorized as cyber security urgency in Indonesia, which are:

  • Lack of policies and regulations: Weak policies and fragmented responsibilities across ministries have failed to prevent cyber threats and cybercrime in the country. Urgent action is needed to establish robust laws and regulations for cybersecurity.
  • Cyber attack on critical infrastructure: The recent cyberattacks on state-owned utility companies (PLN and telecom IndiHome) potentially exposing data of millions, underscore the vulnerability of critical infrastructure. Defining and securing Indonesia’s vital national infrastructure is imperative to tackle these threats.
  • Cybersecurity workforce shortage: The global cybersecurity priority is hampered by a shortage of professionals in the industry. With an anticipated 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021 and a rise in global cybercrimes, Indonesia must address this shortage to effectively combat cyber threats.

These facts show the urgency of strengthening cyber security, especially in a rapidly developing and increasingly digitized country like Indonesia. It is also crucial to know that Indonesia is a prime target for cyber attacks due to its large population and growing economy. The low score earned by Indonesia in the legal and regulatory framework pillar is a massive concern. It indicates that cybercriminals could exploit gaps in the law. Indonesia also needs to improve its technical and organizational security measures, as well as its resources and education on cyber security.

A key solution to mitigate these issues involves strengthening the law, defining and establishing vital national security infrastructure, enhancing coordination between institutions, developing secure digital infrastructure, and investing in Managed Security Services (MSS). However, a fundamental starting point is strengthening our educational foundation. The country offers various formal and informal educational opportunities for students to study and deepen their knowledge of cybersecurity.

How Can AI Aid in Cyber Security?

AI provides the much-needed automation of tasks. It is the game-changer that can revolutionize cybersecurity. Some of them are:

  • Enabling real-time response: AI’s adaptive nature allows it to respond to evolving threats, identify and respond to attacks in real time, automate incident response, and assist human experts in identifying emerging threats.
  • Enhancing efficiency and accuracy: AI streamlines cybersecurity operations by automating incident response, simplifying threat hunting, and analyzing complex data, ultimately improving the accuracy and efficiency of cyber analysts.
  • Identifying and prioritizing risk: AI can instantly detect malware, guide incident response, and identify intrusions, helping cybersecurity teams establish effective human-machine partnerships for more comprehensive security.
  • Assisting in cybersecurity training: AI systems serve as valuable tools for training cybersecurity professionals, aiding in tasks like code analysis and reverse engineering to address the shortage of skilled personnel in the field.
  • Automating threat detection: AI, especially machine learning, can analyze historical data to predict potential threats and vulnerabilities, enabling the detection of new and emerging threats that traditional security systems might miss.

True Identity Solution for Your Ultimate Defense Against Cyber Threats

In a digital landscape fraught with evolving threats and constant security challenges, safeguarding your business and customers’ trust is paramount. Meet True Identity Assurance, your ultimate solution in the fight against identity forgery and digital fraud.

True Identity Assurance is a powerful shield against cybercriminal activities and improves digital security. It automatically verifies customer identities, preventing stolen data from being misused. True Identity Assurance employs biometric recognition, ID verification, and liveness detection, using advanced artificial intelligence to ensure fraudsters cannot bypass the system.

Aside from improving digital security, implementing True Identity Assurance in your business process brings many benefits:

  • Efficiency and Swiftness: Simplifies onboarding, replacing cumbersome paperwork for rapid customer registration.
  • Strong Security Measures: Deploys biometric and liveness checks for precise identity verification, thwarting fraudulent activities.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Confidence: Adheres to regulatory standards, building customer trust via secure and compliant procedures.
  • Cost-Efficient Expansion: Automates verification processes, reducing expenses while adapting to increasing customer volumes.

Help Secure the Nation with ASLI RI!

Indonesia is a hotbed for cyber attacks. Aside from education on the importance of data protection, businesses must take the first step to help protect customer data. This is where AI technologies, like ASLI RI’s True Identity Assurance, can help prevent identity forgery and various other forms of cybercrime. Visit www.asliri.id to learn more about our products. Join us in our fight to stop cybercrime!

Last modified: November 7, 2023