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Securing Your Business and Customers with ASLI RI’s Legal Digital Signature System

Amidst Indonesia’s digital transformation, safeguarding citizens’ digital identities is paramount. Shockingly, Indonesia ranks among the bottom three G20 countries in this aspect. Digital signatures simplify validation processes and enhance digital security. To discover the profound benefits digital signatures offer your business, delve into the full article.

As Indonesia rapidly advances in its digital transformation, particularly in the banking and healthcare sectors, tech companies must prioritize safeguarding customers’ digital identities. Indonesia ranks among the 3 lowest G20 countries in terms of data protection, making it essential to strengthen digital security measures urgently. Fortunately, digital signatures and certificates offer critical solutions that enhance security and streamline the validation of important documents. By seamlessly combining secure efficiency, these technologies provide customers with the convenience and time-saving benefits they deserve. Embracing digital signatures today is a vital first step towards safer and more reliable digital transactions.

Understanding Digital Signatures and Digital Identity: 

Digital signatures serve as powerful tools for digitally verifying and authenticating individuals or entities. They rely on a digital certificate issued by the Indonesian Certificate Authority, recognized by ICT Governance (Kominfo). On the other hand, digital identity refers to the unique digital information that identifies an individual or organization online. This contains personal details like name, address, date of birth, and other sensitive data crucial for authentication purposes. In the Indonesian context, digital identity holds increasing significance across various digital services, including e-government, e-commerce, and online banking.

The Synergy Between Digital Signatures and Digital Identity: 

Digital signatures and digital identity are related because a digital signature contains the digital identity of the signer. When a document is digitally signed, the digital signature captures the unique identity of the signer and verifies the integrity of the document. This ensures that the document has not been tampered with and that it came from the authorized signer. In this way, digital signatures and digital identity work together to provide a secure and reliable way of conducting digital transactions in Indonesia.

Identifying and Avoiding Illegitimate Digital Signatures: 

It is crucial to understand that not all digital signatures are considered equal and legal for use in Indonesia. Only the ones that have been certified and whose providers are listed as Penyedia Sertifikat Elektronik (PSrE) are considered legal. Digital signatures hold the same legal value as physical signatures in Indonesia, as stated in Article 11 of the 2008 Electronic Information and Transactions Law (UU ITE). Here are the characteristics of a legal digital signature:

  • The digital signature creation data is related only to the signatory.
  • The digital signature creation data is under the sole control of the signatory at the time of signature creation.
  • Any alteration made to the digital signature after signing time can be detected.
  • Any alteration made to the electronic data associated with the digital signature after signing time can be detected.
  • There is a specific method used to indicate that the signatory has approved the electronic data associated with the digital signature.
  • It has an Electronic Certificate (SrE) or digital certificate. A digital certificate is proof that the electronic information is valid.
  • There is a specific method used to identify the signatory.
  • The Electronic Certificate is issued by an Indonesian Electronic Certification Provider (PSrE) registered with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.
  • It complies with the standards set by the government.

Securing Your Business and Customers with ASLI RI’s Legal Digital Signature System: 

ASLI RI offers a secure digital signature system that simplifies the validation process for critical documents within your organization. Our digital signature solution holds legal recognition in Indonesia and features enhanced protection against forgery through the inclusion of an individual’s digital identity. By leveraging our system, you can safeguard data, instill customer confidence, and boost trust while utilizing digital services.

ASLI RI’s secure digital signature system empowers your company to preserve the integrity of important documents and provide customers with an unwavering sense of trust and security in their digital transactions. Take the next step in shaping the future of your business by implementing our advanced digital signature solution. Discover the Impact of ASLI RI’s Digital Signature Solution on Your Business’s Data Journey, HERE.

Last modified: June 16, 2023