Onboard Users and
Customers Digitally,
Accurately, and Seamlessly

A seamless and convenient way to onboard customers anytime and anywhere. It combines globally recognized, top-ranked artificial intelligence, biometrics, and liveness detection technology from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to ensure accuracy and security.

Seamless and Accurate Digital Onboarding System for Every Business

The digital economy is vulnerable to financial losses due to cyber fraud and financial crimes. For example, the banking industry lost $6.9 billion in 2021. ASLI RI helps companies combat these threats by securing their digital onboarding process using advanced technology, while also reducing costs and turnaround time. This results in higher customer satisfaction and improved security against cyber fraud and financial crimes.

How does Digital Onboarding work?

how digital onboarding works


Automatic Data Input
digital onboarding ocr
Improve efficiency in the onboarding process with our automatic digital data input system, the powerful OCR.
Early AML-CFT Prevention
Prevent manipulation during digital onboarding processes with our anti-facial spoof system that utilizes our sophisticated artificial intelligence to detect living from non-living biometric objects.
Acurate Identify Proofing
Identity proofing made easy with accurate results, a quick process, and seamless flow. Keep out the bad actors and provide a better user experience with our reliable digital onboarding solution.
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