Customer Automated Acquisition System

Easily assess creditworthiness using our customizable AI-powered risk profiling system, backed by big data analysis, for smarter decision-making.

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What is Customer Automated Acquisiton System?

A web-based and API solution calculates a statistical score to assess a consumer's creditworthiness. It considers factors like user behavior, capacity, and the results of E-KYC with Biometric Verification.

What Does Customer Automated Acquisition System
Do for Your Company?

Instant Identity and Financial Assurance
Verifying your user’s identity and generating their score, all in one go.
Fraud Prevention
Prevent identity theft and credit fraud from the start.
Operational Efficiency
Streamlined identity and biometric checks accelerate processes, improving efficiency and accuracy.
Precise and Accurate Scoring
Ensuring accurate internal scoring through valid and reliable data.

Technologies Used

ID Verification technology-used

Digital identity proofing system that utilizes the government database, ensuring its accuracy and authenticity, allowing you to comply with the Customer Due Diligence regulation.

Biometric Verification technology-used

An accurate and fast biometric verification system driven by AI that precisely matches biometric data. Listed in NIST publication as one of the most accurate biometric systems in the world in the FRVT 1:1 and 1:N categories..

Liveness Detection technology-used

A system powered by artificial intelligence to detect living from non-living biometric objects. Prevent spoof attack by distinguishing live faces from photos, videos, masks and other attack on various materials with high levels of accuracy.

OCR technology-used

Extract text from client's identity card (KTP), enhancing data verification and validation processes.

Credit Process Analysistechnology-used

Evaluate diverse credit-related data and procedures, which includes assesing income and tax verification, negative record checks, phone number validation, and other factors, all aimed at facilitating credit risk assessment and informed decision-making.

SLIK Automationtechnology-used

Leverage this centralized credit reporting system from OJK to boost your capability for more efficient and precise assessment of your customers' creditworthiness.

Use Cases

Banking and Finance
  • Account Opening: Simplify and secure the account opening process by leveraging CAAS for identity verification, ensuring safe and efficient onboarding for customers.
  • Loan Approval: Expedite loan approvals by using CAAS to analyze credit data, verify income, and conduct KYC checks, resulting in quicker decisions and an enhanced customer experience.
  • Fraud Prevention: Enhance security by employing CAAS to detect and prevent fraud through real-time analysis of user behavior and biometric checks, minimizing financial losses and protecting customer assets.
Real Estate
  • Property Sales: Streamline property sales by conducting background checks, verifying buyer identities, and ensuring compliance with property regulations through CAAS.
  • Tenant Verification: Employ CAAS to verify tenant identities for rental agreements, enhancing property owner confidence and security.
  • Property Listings: Improve the accuracy and trustworthiness of property listings by validating property owner identities and information using CAAS.
Retail and E-commerce
  • Online Shopping: Improve the security of online shopping by integrating CAAS for customer logins and payments, protecting user accounts from unauthorized access.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs: Enhance customer loyalty programs by personalizing offers and discounts based on user behavior analysis conducted by CAAS.
  • Transaction Security: Employ CAAS to strengthen transaction security by analyzing user behavior and transaction history, detecting and preventing fraudulent activities.
  • Patient Registration: Streamline and secure patient registration with CAAS, ensuring accurate patient information and compliance with healthcare regulations.
  • Telemedicine Access: Verify patient identities for telemedicine services using CAAS, guaranteeing the privacy and security of remote medical consultations.
  • Healthcare Billing: Automate insurance claims and billing processes with CAAS by verifying patient identities and insurance coverage, reducing errors and fraud.
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