Full-Suite Digital Customer Risk Profiling System

A complete solution utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you analyze user credibility based on three key criteria: identity, behavior, and capacity. This comprehensive solution provides you with the tools you need to make informed decisions about your potential users.

The Lending Decision Process has Never been This Easy

Indonesia’s fintech lending industry has experienced rapid growth since 2016. To help companies in this industry succeed, we offer a service that automatically verifies customer payment history and provides digital credit profile recommendations within seconds. Our service uses reliable biometric technology and various valid data sources to ensure the accuracy of a person’s financial capability, allowing you to make informed decisions about potential customers and uncover new markets with strategic technology synergies.

Customize the Flow Based on Your Needs

flow digital lending


Better Decision Making
Quick processes and accurate results help you make a better business decisions.
Quick Verification & Detection Process
quick verif
Automated individual creditworthiness utilizing technology system and valid data like behavior, capacity, and Biometric Verification result.
Real-time User Screening
digital lending real time
Screens users in a real-time manner with our reliable CAAS thoroughly based on trusted data, facts, and advanced algorithms.
Higher Business Efficiency
business efficiency
The decreased turnaround time leads to higher productivity.
No Initial Investment
no initial investment
Affordable technology for every business.
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