Identity Verification

Protect your company against fraud with a 360-degree services to identify and verify documents through biometric and ID card. This comprehensive approach ensures thorough and accurate verification of identities and documents.

One Solution to Transform and Accelerate KYC Procedures to Avoid Frauds Instantly

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your system from malicious actors. Use ASLI RI’s fraud detection service to identify and verify real customers and prevent fake ones from entering your system. Our service can be used in any industry and helps businesses enhance their customer onboarding process by providing E-KYC with Biometric Verification capabilities to protect against fraudulent actions.

Customize the Flow Based on Your Needs

E-KYC with Biometric Verification process


Quick and Easy Identity Verification
verification quick and easy
Identify and verify customers data with government agencies databases within seconds.
Accurate Biometric Authentication
verification accurate
Mix any features, such as liveness detection, fingerprint detection, or face ID for you to put extra layers and verify accurately.
Fully Digital Verification
digital verification
No more manual document submission. Go full digital to avoid instances of forgery.
AI-Driven Data Extraction
ai driven data
ASLI RI's APIs instantly extract crucial customer information through eKYC, enabling instant and smart verification.
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