Digital Trust Solution

A highly advanced digital certificate for secure online interactions, officially recognized by Indonesia's Ministry of Information Technology and Communications as a trusted Rooted Certificate Authority. Ideal for both personal and business use.

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What is Digital Trust Solution?

Digital Trust Solution provides highly secure digital certificates, recognized by Webtrust Certification, ISO 270001 compliance, and SK Number 551 of 2021 the highest accreditation status of endorsement from Indonesia's Ministry of Communication and Information. Our authorized entity status ensures compliant issuance of digital signatures with biometric authentication for added security.

What Does Digital Trust Solution
Do for Your Company?

Anywhere Document Signing Made Easy
Experience the freedom of signing documents from anywhere, while leveraging AI-driven biometrics for swift and secure authentication.
Seamless Workflow Enhancement
Embrace a fully digital workflow that keeps your processes flowing seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.
Enhanced Data Privacy and Compliance
With increasing regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and more, we ensure that user consent is obtained and respected, and that data is handled appropriately.
Enhanced Security
Safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access and cyber threats, mitigating the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.
Increase Customer Trust
Build confidence in your customers that their personal information and interactions are protected. This leads to increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Technologies Used

ID Verification technology-used

Digital identity proofing system that utilizes the government database, ensuring its accuracy and authenticity, allowing you to comply with the Customer Due Diligence regulation.

Biometric Verification technology-used

An accurate and fast biometric verification system driven by AI that precisely matches biometric data. Listed in NIST publication as one of the most accurate biometric systems in the world in the FRVT 1:1 and 1:N categories..

Liveness Detection technology-used

A system powered by artificial intelligence to detect living from non-living biometric objects. Prevent spoof attack by distinguishing live faces from photos, videos, masks and other attack on various materials with high levels of accuracy.

Digital Certificate technology-used

Backed by Indonesia's Ministry of Communication and Information, our digital certificate, users can perform valid electronic signatures, verify identities, and ensure security in various online transactions. These certificates provide an added level of trust and security in a digital environment.

Digital Signature technology-used

Designed to provide the optimal user experience for our clients to securely sign, send, and manage your documents anytime and anywhere. We prioritize the security of client data and documents, utilizing asymmetric cryptography and a public key infrastructure.

Use Cases

Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Streamlined Onboarding: Simplify customer registration and account opening processes for quicker access to financial services.
  • Loan Processing: Accelerate loan agreements to swiftly approve and disburse funds, ensuring a seamless borrowing experience.
  • Contract Handling: Improve contract management workflows, reducing costs and processing times while enhancing overall efficiency.
Healthcare and Insurance
  • Medical Documentation Authentication: Build trust by ensuring the legitimacy of doctor prescriptions and health certificates, enhancing their credibility and reliability.
  • Paperless Claims: Elevate customer experience by incorporating a seamless paperless approach to submitting insurance claims directly to partnering insurers.
  • Instant Insurance Policy Approval: Expedite insurance policy approval processes by integrating digital signatures, ensuring swift and hassle-free policy issuance for customers.
  • Vendor Agreements and Partnerships: Utilizing digital signatures for contracts and agreements for parters and vendors, ensuring efficient collaboration while maintaining a secure and legally binding process.
  • Digital Product Licensing and Copyright: Utilizing digital signatures to establish copyright protection and license agreements, providing creators and customers with a secure and traceable transaction experience
  • Authenticated Purchase Agreements: Strengthen the legitimacy of online transactions by implementing digital signatures for purchase agreements, assuring buyers and sellers of the transaction's validity.
  • Student Enrollment and Registrations: Simplify student enrollment and registration processes by utilizing digital signatures for acceptance letters, registration forms, and tuition agreements
  • Teacher Contracts and Agreements: Enhance administrative efficiency by digitally signing teacher contracts, employment agreements, and professional development documents.
  • Permission Slips and Consent Forms: Accelerate parental consent processes with digital signatures for school trips, medical forms, and other permissions required from guardians.
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