Company Document
Verification Solution

An end-to-end solution helps you verify the background of potential business partners by checking the validity of their legal documents. This ensures that you have the necessary information to make informed decisions about who you do business with.

One System to Verify
Your Business Partners

It is important to take responsibility for your money and make informed decisions about investments and businesses. Unfortunately, some people still fall victim to fraud. In Indonesia, a total of Rp 117.5 Trillion has been lost due to the lack of proper company document checking. ASLI RI offers a service that allows you to verify company documents and make better decisions to help your business thrive and grow.


framework com doc verif


Thorough Checking Process
Complete business-related document verification to fight money laundering, tax crimes, and other fraudulent act. Ensure your company's security.
Automatic, Accurate,
and Fast
Our intelligent digital verification system lets you get information quicker. Make crucial business decisions with less worry.
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