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The Guardian of Your Digital Identity: Shielding and Defending Against Data Bandits

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Maintaining security in digital identity data remains a crucial issue that applies equally to individuals and organizations. Understanding the potential harm resulting from issues like identity theft or incidents relating to a data breach involving a person’s identification information can be insightful. As a result, steps towards protection become essential in ensuring self-safety and securing business interests.

What is digital identity?

According to the Population and Civil Registration Agency (Dukcapil), digital identity is the digital information that uniquely identifies an online individual or entity. Digital identity includes personal information like name, address, date of birth, and other sensitive information. It is essential to protect the security of digital identity data since these days, a bunch of fraudsters try to steal and use it for their benefit illegally. Aside from that, cases like data breaches leading to compromised user accounts, exposure of sensitive private information, and increased financial fraud or identity risk are always there.

Therefore, securing it from unauthorized access and use, ensuring its accuracy, keeping it up-to-date and reliable, and ensuring compliance with data protection laws and regulations are fundamental.

Securing digital identity data

There are ways to protect and keep digital identity secure. Some of them are:

  • Encrypting data in transit and at rest means encrypting data that is transferred between two nodes of the network, while encryption at rest refers to the encryption applied to the stored data. Encryption helps prevent unauthorized users from reading and or stealing sensitive data.
  • Implement access control measures. Access control is a security technique that manages who or what can access or use resources in a computing system to minimize security risks.
  • Implement powerful authentication methods. The authentication system is a tool to protect data against potential breaches and strays away hackers. There are some methods like using passwords, pin, multi-factor authentication, and the recent and most relevant today is the biometric authentication systems. An authentication system provides more layers of protection and adds next-level security, even remotely.
  • Use E-KYC with a biometric verification system to ensure individual identity accuracy before acquiring them as your user or customer. Electronic know your customer or E-KYC with biometric verification is a powerful system that validates or authenticates an individual’s identity by verifying its data and biometric information.

There are also methods like developing a comprehensive digital identity data security plan, regularly monitoring access to digital identity data, and ensuring data accuracy and reliability through regular updates.

Proactive Steps to Secure Your Digital Identity with ASLI RI

Nowadays, safeguarding digital identity should be a top priority. With the increasing number of cyber threats and data breaches, securing your personal information has become more essential than ever. By taking proactive measures to protect your digital identity, you can help ensure that sensitive data remains safe and secure. 
ASLI RI provides the best biometric authentication and E-KYC with a biometric verification system that can help you and your company tackle fraudsters and prevent the risk of identity theft. Learn more about it or schedule the demo with our experts through this link.

Last modified: June 16, 2023