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Unmasking the High School Impersonator using E-KYC with Biometric Verification

Shocking Story: How a High School Graduate Posed as a Doctor for 2 Years! 😱 Learn the jaw-dropping details of how Susanto managed to fake his way into a hospital job using a stolen identity. This incident is a stark reminder of the importance of rigorous identity verification. Discover how E-KYC with Biometric Verification can safeguard your business from such scams. Read the full article now!

Indonesian netizens were shocked to learn that Susanto, a high school graduate had faked his way to a job as a doctor at a hospital in Surabaya, where he worked for two years before being caught. How did a high school graduate fake his way to a job as a doctor for two years before being caught? The hospital then discovered that he had stolen the identity of Dr. Anggi Yurikno, a genuine doctor, to apply for the job. Susanto replaced the photos on Dr. Anggi’s documents, such as his doctor’s practice permit, ID card, medical diploma, and certificates with a scanned photograph bearing Susanto’s face. As he was hired during the pandemic, his hiring process was done online. Thankfully, no casualties emerged from this incident, yet the hospital reports a total loss of Rp 252 million.

This situation highlights the importance of proper identity verification and being more vigilant when recruiting new workers. E-KYC with Biometric Verification can be used to aid in the process of those two crucial points. Read this article to discover how it can help prevent fraudsters from infiltrating your business.

How Serious is Identity Fraud in The Recruitment Industry?

Fortunately, no one was harmed during Susanto’s scheme. However, unsurprisingly, the case resulted in a significant loss (both monetary and reputational) for the hospital. Customer trust is a vital aspect of operating a business. Cases like this can lessen customer trust, which may lead to a loss of revenue.

The main reason why identity fraud can happen in the recruitment industry is the fast-paced nature of hiring, especially during the pandemic and the post-pandemic landscape. During these times, many companies are under immense pressure to fill open positions quickly, which can lead to them cutting corners in the hiring process. This can make it easier for fraudsters to impersonate qualified candidates and gain employment.

In addition, the pandemic has led to a rise in remote work, which has made it more difficult for companies to verify the identities of their employees. Fraudsters can exploit this opportunity by using stolen identities to create fake resumes and apply for jobs remotely. The post-pandemic landscape is also heavily characterized by a tight labor market. It means that companies are more desperate to hire qualified candidates. This can make them more likely to overlook red flags in a candidate’s background, such as a suspicious-looking resume. These factors have made the recruitment industry a prime target for identity fraud. Identity fraud in the recruitment industry can run the risk of insider threats and damages such as theft, fraud, or sabotage that may further harm your business.

Preventing Identity Fraud in The Recruitment Industry using E-KYC with Biometric Verification

With high-volume hiring being commonplace in the post-pandemic landscape, using automation can help lessen the burden of manually cross-checking the documents of every single applicant. According to a report by TrustRadius, more than half of HR professionals (55%) are investing in technology to help with HR processes. An example of this technology is E-KYC with Biometric Verification.

Electronic Know Your Customer (E-KYC) is a system that enables businesses to verify a user’s identity electronically before onboarding them. It is a flexible system that can be used in any industry, including the recruitment industry. E-KYC with Biometric Verification can help businesses reduce fraud, improve compliance, and speed up the process of onboarding.

How Does This System Work?

The image above shows how ASLI RI’s E-KYC with Biometric Verification works. First, the user has to pass a liveness detection process. This hard-to-spoof process ensures that the user is genuinely there. Once the user passes the liveness detection process, they are required to verify their ID and complete a biometric verification process.

When referring back to Susanto’s case, he was able to fool the hospital’s recruiters into believing that he was who he said he was. A crucial point in this case is that Susanto had also stolen Dr. Anggi’s ID card and changed the picture with his own. To the naked eye, Susanto’s tampering might not be evident at all. However, ASLI RI’s E-KYC with Biometric Verification system can flag this tampering since our system checks IDs with data from official government agencies, so the system can promptly identify inaccuracies within ID data and pictures.

Secure Your Business with An Intelligent E-KYC with Biometric Verification System

This case is just one example of the many identity fraud cases that are plaguing the recruitment industry. Implementing proper identity verification procedures to protect your business from these risks is crucial.E-KYC with Biometric Verification is a great way to verify the identity of potential employees and prevent fraud. It is a quick and easy process that can be done online. An intelligent E-KYC with Biometric Verification uses various methods to verify identity, including document verification, biometric verification, and liveness detection. This makes it very difficult for fraudsters to successfully spoof the process. E-KYC from ASLI RI can help you identify the right employee for your business and safeguard your business from fraud. Visit www.asliri.id to learn more about our products. Join our effort to fight against fraudsters!

Last modified: November 17, 2023